Carnival and Street Food!

Carnival is just around the corner in Trinidad and Tobago and eating and drinking is a fun part of the experience. Most Trinis will be eating a veritable feast of treats, but most important will be a wide range of street food, like this corn soup being eaten below.

Have a read of the some of the dos and don’t of partaking in street food:

Street Food- Doubles

One of the most popular and delicious street foods is doubles, a mouth-watering, more-ish vegetarian dish made from chickpeas and two fluffy puris. If it looks a holy mess, don’t be put off, the taste is divine…and you won’t stop at one!


The origins of this food began in Trinidad by the Deen family, Emamool Deen (a.k.a. Mamoodeen) and his wife Rasulan in 1936 in Princes Town. When Mamudeen started the business the products he sold were fried channa wrapped in cone-shaped packs. He diversified his product line soon after by adding boiled and fried chana, then curried channa with chutney. He then introduced a single bara with the curried channa. His customers would ask him to double the bara, hence the name “doubles” evolved and Deen’s Doubles became the pioneering brand.

As the demand for Deen’s Doubles increased, Mamoodeen employed his two brothers-in-law, Asgar Ali and Choate Ali to sell Deen’s Doubles in 1937. The Ali brothers launched their own Ali’s doubles brand in 1938. Asgar Ali chose San Fernando for his sales district and Naparima College in particular as his historical starting point. Choate Ali remained in Princes Town while Mamudeen expanded to San Juan and Port of Spain. (Read the rest on Wiki)


If you are living abroad and craving a doubles here is a wonderful recipe to get you going.

Q: What’s your favourite street food and from what part of the world is it from?


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